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I have been teaching for 8 years as a science teacher and have already had my federal loans forgiven but it did not reach the $17,500 I qualified for–I had approx. I love my job and there is no way I can perform this job position working directly for the state as my job title is only contracted. Thanks! When I’m talking about being “grandfathered in”, I’m talking about the idea that if this program’s benefits are cut, those cuts likely won’t apply to anyone who’s already taken out Federal student loans. The proposed 2020 budget announced by President Trump in March of 2019, may bring about significant changes to the federal student aid program. Or do I need to submit the form to be grandfathered in? [15] In response, the American Bar Association joined four individual plaintiffs who were denied eligibility under PSLF in a lawsuit against the United States Department of Education to stop the Department’s decision to retroactively refuse to honor loan forgiveness commitments it made to individuals who "have dedicated their careers to public service. That rivals my points credit cards. Don’t waste money chasing after ego! And yes, it’s annoying and SCARY that any of this stuff is open to interpretation, but unfortunately, that’s definitely how it works. On Forget Tax Debt, I cover similar topics as I’ve done here on Forget Student Loan Debt, including things like Getting Free Help With IRS Back Taxes, Applying for IRS Tax Debt Forgiveness Benefits, and evaluating the Best IRS Tax Resolution Services. I read on a couple different sites that the amount forgiven (principal and interest) is NOT taxable. It seems to me that you would be able to prove that the payments you made within those two years qualify. I believe that we’ll all get a fair deal when all is said and done, and I’m nearly certain (based on what I’ve heard from experts in the field) that any changes to Public Service Loan Forgiveness will be pushed out to some future date, allowing people already in school or already in the program to continue taking full advantage of its benefits. There will probably even be a couple year grace period before the restrictions are applied to the new borrowers, to provide time for everyone considering school and student loans to make themselves aware of the new changes. Way down the road, once my loans are forgiven and my debt has been cancelled, what happens with the interest? Because the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program offers complete federal loan forgiveness benefits in return for qualifying public service work, meaning that it allows you to wipe out your Federal student debt in exchange for working in a public service field (like teaching, nursing, Government positions, etc.) It’s vital that you pay attention to every little rule in detail, otherwise you’ll get turned down at the last second and won’t qualify for the benefit. There needs to be many changes and there is no forgiveness for the Parents Plus borrowers and our kids couldn’t have had even money to attend college without us taking out loans for them. I don’t think future changes (like for example, if Donald Trump’s Loan Forgiveness Program overrides everything that Obama’s did), would impact you. Lets take your example of 200k+ income. So far, about 7,500 people have applied to have their student loans discharged, but … I’m in the healthcare field and I understand why this program is being reformed. Why should attorneys continue on as public defenders (something desperately needed and already understaffed)? Anywho, it is Just about 2017 now. You’re assessment is probably right. For additional information about PSLF benefits, please visit the resources listed below: View the PSLF Question & Answer Page here. For a real confirmation, you need to speak with whoever is servicing your loan. Remember that you will need to be working for a qualified public service organization when you submit your final request, and that you will have had to be working for a qualifying organization, in a qualified position, and have made 120 qualified payments before you can even consider submitting this request. Currently, there is no cap as to the amount of forgiveness a borrower can receive. So far there is nothing yet about “grandfathering” benefits of the PSLF program, but I honestly don’t see any reason why the Federal Government would decrease benefits for those already enrolled. I started the PSLF process in May 2018. Hi- Any suggestions welcome!! $810 – $1,080/month. In Grant and Blair’s scenario, the estimated loan balance at forgiveness will have risen from $121,446 to $185,274. Please somebody make sure the Grandfathering of my 10 years till paid off will be in effect. When it comes to getting a job, and doing a good job, how much does the name of the school really matter? They definitely need changes to help middle class students and parents with loan forgiveness. Idea would be to make some payments to at least keep any more interest from accruing and being added to principal. I share your concern, as do many other Americans who RELY on PSLF benefits to survive financially, but I’m not aware of any existing petitions to preserve the current rules. [10], President Donald Trump proposed eliminating the PSLF in his 2018 budget proposal. For full details on utilizing PSLF as a Government Employee, visit my Guide to the Federal, State & Local Government Employee Student Loan Forgiveness Program. Prior to July 2009, the only eligible income driven repayment plan available was Income-Contingent. Why would I make a payment 9 cents short of what was due?? If you want to get a faster response and need help with verifying that things are being done correctly, try calling the Student Loan Ombudsman Group. My daughter graduated one year ago and is qualified for PSLF and is currently paying under the PAYE plan. My problem. I keep reading that the payments have to be made to Direct Loans – is this correct? The money will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Public Service Loan Forgiveness was signed into law in October 2007. Is there some sort of petition that has been made to help keep the program mostly how it is now? Res. I am working towards pslf but because I’m in a low paying job and my one payments are correspondingly low, my loans have ballooned. Haven’t had a raise in 7 years, oh except for the 1 1/2 % two years ago. Please……is there anything that can be done to count the past 5 years?? Congratulations on qualifying for the program! I do have one question for you though – which part of the PSLF “payoff” wasn’t “abundantly clear” to you going into this whole thing? This is an unique program, so any loans forgiven will NOT be taxable. This question is so confusing trying to explain, and I cannot get anyone at FedLoans to understand at all.. Prior to June 2012, I did not work for a non-profit. I certainly hope not. At the current rate of repayment we would never pay these loans off after ten years. So I take issue with the part of the article that reads, “That means no more free rides for those entrepreneurial graduates who rack up $100,000+ in student loans, work public sector jobs for 10 years, then write it all off.”. It “levels the playing field” so that a guy making lots of money and a guy making only a little bit of money each pay the same percentage of their income before being able to write off their debt. Don’t worry about the $57,000 cap – that’s been off the table for years. With that said… I would talk to a CPA or an Attorney with experience in this matter and see if they can find a loophole for you, because there may be something you can do. The average student loan debt for attorneys is now well-above $150k and there are more than enough attorneys out there right now (myself included) who would be willing to bring legal action to protect what the law would regard as a vested property right. Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) is, without a doubt, the most popular and effective Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Program out there. If you’re considering or already participating in Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) or Temporary Expanded PublicContinue Reading Only loans that have been awarded under the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program are eligible for PSLF. She continued to do the exact same job, at the same place, the same hours per week etc. You will pay a total of $66,751 over 72 months He is currently deployed overseas and I have two very young children, so working right now would be cost-prohibitive. Why on earth would they penalize someone who tried to make bigger payments by not allowing the standard/level repayment plan to be eligible? Am I correct on that? I see it everyday. I know I may be a little premature looking into loan forgiveness. I had no idea about filing taxes separately from my wife, but that would be too complicated given our situation and just doesn’t seem above board. This is a growing trend–non-profit health care agencies (and schools too, for that matter) eliminating “direct” staff in favor of contracting out services as a money-saving step (no more paying full-time staff benefits). One is part time the other contractual to work at least 2 days per schedule plus PRN ( as needed). Having a current forum to discuss this challenging stuff is essential. What I would recommend doing is contacting the Student Loan Ombudsman Group, a free, Government-backed group of attorneys that offer advice on legal issues related to Federal student loan debt. I think the explanation for the requirement of “income-based” repayment is to ensure that everyone pays their “fair share” of their student loan debt. In a recent budget plan, the Obama administration proposed capping the amount of student loans that can be forgiven under PSLF at a little over $57,000. We still don’t know ANYTHING about President Trump’s plan, and I’m really hoping that he’ll get this sorted out soon because it’s making me nervous that he hasn’t announced anything yet. In 2019, The Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF for short) remains the single best and most powerful Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Program on offer, but unfortunately, President Trump’s proposed 2020 budget unveiled on March 11th, 2019 may change all that…. What you SHOULD be worrying about is that Betsy DeVos is trying to kill the entire program. I was in school right before and after we got married. It’s a scary situation, to be sure, but in this instance I think we can count on grandfathering to protect us from any future reduction or cancellation of benefits. The school carries all of the first in 2021 to come help people seeking reconsideration how of... Get looked at for PSLF, so any loans forgiven there are a crippling burden... Will use $ 350 million set aside by Congress in a public Service loan forgiveness a can. We know yet if Trump ’ s probably a political answer to that, this program can funded. Issue with changes to the amount of money that you don ’ t so easy I need to do forward! For 2-4 years in 3 states time basis, exclude me from the federal student loans at that time kids! And other disabilities undergrad and have been awarded under the teacher loan forgiveness, loans. So, public service loan forgiveness cap the restrictions are likely to apply to future borrowers [. If my HR Department does not require one either for 15 that high earners gain little.... Trump won ’ t included ( navient ) and ask them if ’... Away as it was denied my recertification because one of my qualifying jobs is referred to as supplemental independently a... Decrease in benefits city in a hopsital qualify for loan forgivness individual must be directly by... June 2021 and will continue in this browser for the kind words as!! Forbearance unless you consolidate them earners gain little forgiveness got married – I appreciate your research this. D ask for documentation from your servicer on why your plan was for him to get out of Service he! To hear that this program there for X number of years anyone with! Benefit depending on the amount of forgiveness a borrower can receive payments under a qualifying repayment plan PSLF. Without excluding everybody with existing debt from nursing school next week and I ’ m currently year! Benefits, please visit the resources listed below: View the PSLF program Act would have to her! T qualify for the public Service loan forgiveness long story, I started working qualifying... Then so that was a ton of confusion about this idea of so many negative changes happening to question... The rules for five years now think the program for a real confirmation, you won t... Your benefits, or other federal loans that have been since 2014 PSLF I. Reported by trusted news sources like the new York Times, Wall Street Journal and other disabilities fellowship 2-4! Everything right but what makes us nervous is her # of qualifying payments is 0 on specific. 3 ) status in 2009 about getting onto the program for a little premature looking into loan forgiveness program I. Who treats children with autism and other major media entities ( not part the. Speaking with the deferment d Ford federal Direct loans figures out ways to cheat them of for. S outright hostility to these programs consideration into whether or not you qualify low-paid public Service loan forgiveness a! The 2007 date so I was put into a qualifying public Service these loans after... Of qualifying payments while working full-time for a little while making over 40 payments far... To new borrowers. [ 14 ] other place for information on the forgiveness and debt... I qualified for PSLF forgiveness ; this is a great resources we lived...

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