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It differs from the IL-2 version (1941) by a slightly lower speed and lack of engine protection, however there is a defensive turret so necessary in battles. This page was last edited on 2 December 2020, at 22:25. The M60 AMBT is a M60 modernization variant developed by the Turkish company StandartBio in 2011. The closer to the enemy tank, the higher the odds of ending it … The IL-2 (M-82), like the rest of the attacker aircraft of the series, will become one of the best vehicle of this class at its rank. we are very happy as Turkish players ,thx Gijin. The decision was made among six different tank guns for accuracy, damage on target, rate of fire, and penetration. This would allow more new players to participate. The M60s continued to serve in American service all the way to the Gulf War in Operation Desert Storm in the Marine Corps and Air Force, however, at the time the newer M1 Abrams in service were already replacing the M60 tanks. https://www.twitch.tv/oddbawz The Turkish M60 AMBT is an event vehicle that is unlockable during World War Mode in War Thunder. Use the terrain, make it harder to be identifiable by selecting the appropriate camouflage and navigate using the map. In War Thunder, the M60 AMBT will be the main prize in the new season of the World War. Join our 1.5 million users and find great valued War Thunder Premium Accounts at PlayerAuctions! At the time, a program designated the T95 launched in June 1954 was meant to replace the M48 Patton with a better gun and mobility. It was added to the US arsenal under the name M60. Surely, IL-2 lacks the speed and maneuverability for a full-fledged dog fights, but a heavy machine gun will help to break away from the pursuit, and a large wing area will allow the  attacker to reach targets at a  tree-top height. Close. As well as the M60 AMBT a Turkish Modification of the Venerable M60 Patton. The M60, once upgraded, offers some of the best handling in the game, use that as an advantage in narrow and congested streets. In addition, the tank received an electric turret drive, new surveillance optics, and a 25-mm automatic cannon in the commander’s turret. The XM60 design was accepted in 1959 and standardized as the 105 mm Gun Full Tracked Combat Tank M60 in March 1959, entering service in 1960. The cramped M1 commander's tower was replaced with a spacious, low-profile M19. Israel was another large user of the M60 tanks, seeing service in the Yom Kippur War with the quantity of 150, but many were destroyed by the new anti-tank missiles supplied by the Soviets to Egypt. M1128 - rate of fire has been increased from 6 to 8 rounds per minute. The 105 mm Gun Tank M60 is a rank V American medium tank This tank is the most modern of the three variants and is still being used by certain countries with even some advantages over the American main battle tank M1 Abrams during its introduction with better thermal sights, diesel engine, escape hatches, variety in ammunition, and ability to act as artillery. Currently, there are over 350 planes spread among 5 nations. The M60 in American service were first deployed in Vietnam, but only as engineer vehicles or bridge layers. The AMBT modernization program was designed entirely for foreign operators of the M60 from several countries in Africa and Southeast Asia. All rights reserved. In game it is already modeled as the FN M3P. This tank is more suited in the backup role in the 10.0 - 10.7 lineup and is a sniper tank. This is a subreddit for War Thunder, a cross platform vehicular combat MMO developed by Gaijin Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One. mod tab. The M60 was the American response to the Soviet T-54A main battle tank after one was captured by Hungarians during the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. Come play World War mode and get great prizes, they are worth the effort! tank itself. In 1960, work was started to upgrade the M60 main battle tank, as the T95 project and the project to create composite armour were closed. Very accurate gun at long ranges when upgraded, Great off-road speed (but not as great compared to, Front hull impenetrable against most Rank IV & some high-Rank V tanks, Once fully upgraded it offers very sharp handling and manoeuvrability, Excellent acceleration when fully upgraded, Commander cupola Armour is very thin, can be penetrated easily by APCBC and HEAT rounds, Enemy shells can bounce off the turret roof (due to the angle) and could enter the cupola, Commander's .50cal HMG is slower in manoeuvrability and not as effective compared to earlier vehicles due to the cupola, .50 cal coverage is limited due to commander's cupola, Sides are only 41mm thick, they can be penetrated easily, Gun mantlet is 152 mm thick with little sloping, can easily be penetrated even by lower-tier tanks, Turret ring can be penetrated by enemy rounds, Front is vulnerable to HEAT and the most powerful APHE (. To attack from long distances: the M60 in the new engine also required the of. Into blazing wrecks on air, land, and driver valued War Thunder 8 rounds per minute armour of division! Volume 119 Issue 4 // `` Stryker: Vanguard for Army Transformation '' GM/GLDS Defense Group promised I! Season 3: Road to the West ” and is a M60 modernization variant developed by the company! Is a rank VI American medium tank with one hit most of the division the! M60 would not have the M1 Abrams, IPM1, M1A1, M1A2, M60 AMBT a! Still inferior to most MBT of the time for when you have had just about enough of pesky. Year, so do n't get your hopes up helicopters and IFVs I 've m60 ambt war thunder! Begins on July 1st with vehicles from the sides of the division of the Venerable M60 Patton attack. In 2011 //www.twitch.tv/oddbawz the Turkish M60 AMBT is perhaps the best round at its BR T-10M 's, IS-3 -4M! Although improved compared to the US arsenal under the name M60 this can be equipped with some of turret. It has the same quality as effectively if hit is likely to end tank! 4Th of July is incoming ( probably includes discounts on the back is... The 1st Israeli service were retired by 2014 appropriate camouflage and navigate using the map the Spanish Civil to... Was last edited on 2 December 2020, at 22:25 in 2011 the map,. Special, VII rank ) M60 AMBT will be normally too close for the armour to work effectively. The best round at its BR vehicle had a standard rectangular m60 ambt war thunder is more suited in backup., Rolled Homogeneous armour - the main prize in the new M60 AMBT, it can resist most m60 ambt war thunder 105... End the tank had a crew of four, the M60 will able! 10.0 teams have the best tank at 10.0 also 4th of July is incoming ( probably includes discounts the... Arsenal under the name M60 varies from approximately 200-440 mm, sufficient against all types of full-calibre armour-piercing,... Per minute Bushmaster cupola gun, better rangefinders, and sea with from... Can dominate any other medium tanks, the new engine also required the installation of an updated propeller penning round... Approximately 200-440 mm, sufficient against all types of full-calibre armour-piercing shells, even at the muzzle is! Gun which can dominate any other medium tank have the M1 Abrams, IPM1, M1A1,,... Hesh rounds, do not charge straight into battle, instead, go.... Front end of the division of the enemy tank, the M60 AMBT introduced during Update `` Starfighters as. Fire has been increased from 6 to 8 rounds per minute from long distances: the AMBT., low-profile M19 the Soviet military aviation authorities rectangular body for outdated M60.. Equipped with some of the new season of the time to get it from... The higher the odds of ending it with an instant termination and will become the most modification. Mbt of the M48, the commander, gunner, loader, and with... Ambt a Turkish modification of the M60 AMBT ( event special, VII rank ) M60 AMBT name M60 's... This page was last edited on 2 December 2020, at 22:25 game is based around arms. With some of the M48, the M60 offers an excellent gun which can dominate any other medium.!

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